Atelier Soleil Soleil is an art direction, graphic and type design studio, based between Lyon (FR) and São Paulo (BR) and founded by Paul Andali and Alain Papazian. 

Designed as a 4-hand laboratory combining different skills, Soleil Soleil design communication tools (print and web) in a variety of fields (cultural, artistic, commercial). We develop strong visual designs helping people and institutions with a particular attention to type and editorial design.

Sometimes, we work across a diverse range of platforms and disciplines and like to surround itself with professional partners (web development, photographers, illustrators…).

*On request, we can send you our updated and detailed portfolio of works.


Selected clients and collaborators


Institut Paul Bocuse

Centre International de Recherches sur le Verre et les Arts plastiques

Éditions B2

Ville de Lyon

Cinéma Arletty

Centre National des Arts Plastiques

Le Bel Ordinaire

École Française de Maréchalerie


Elvire Bonduelle

Ville d’Autun

Maria Beloso Hall

Théâtre Municipal d’Autun

Musée Rolin

G12 France

Repaire Mas-Ségure

La Famiglia

Regain Restaurant

Charles Arthur Feuvrier

Festival Film Recherche et Développement Durable

Centre National du Livre


Alain Papazian was born in 1993 in Aix en Provence. After a course in graphic design at ECV Provence, he joined the École Supérieure d'Art et de Design in Amiens. Then, he perfecting his skills in graphic and type design for three years at the National School of Fine Arts in Lyons where he conducted a research between typography and ecology, both in production methods and in the visual forms deployed. From 2021, he teaches type design and art direction at the Ynov Lyon School.

Paul Andali (Dijon, 1994) is graduated from the École Estienne (Paris, 2015) and the École Supérieure Nationale des Beaux-Arts (Lyon, 2017). After some experiences in Germany (Vier5) and Italy (Lorenzo Mason Studio), he moved to Lyon as a freelance graphic designer specializing in visual identity and editorial design. In 2019, he founded the publishing house Outsider Publishing, a an independent publishing house which is interested in everyday vernacular signs and scriptures through their use in public space. 

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